Happy Valentine’s Day Sushi

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Having received no chocolate on this Valentine’s Day, I decided to hit the road and try out sushi shop that caught my eye last I was in Ikebukuro. Prices were just right, it was clean, and the chefs were quite skilled.

The best part was the Hamachi (or it could have been Kanburi), and one of the shop’s specials of the day was a trio of Hamachi nigiri for 230 yen — that’s a price difficult to refuse for a fish that’s in season. I’ve always been a big fan of Hamachi and will order it when Kanburi or Kanpachi is not available and almost always take it in lieu of Ootoro (due to price) .

Hamachi Trio Plate 230 Yen

3 pieces for 230 yen, what a deal!

Valentine’s Day in Japan, you might know, is a bit different from other parts of the world. Girls give chocolates to the guys — it can be a pretty big deal to the love-sick student, but can also be nothing more than a simple formality within Japanese companies — and in return, guys give girls chocolates (if they received chocolate in Feb) on March 14, aka “White Day” . Frankly, I’d have been more happy getting a coupon to my favorite noodle shop or takeout sushi place rather than sweets.

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