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Poseidon | Great Taste, Great Name


In Minato-ku close to Onarimon and Shimbashi, POSEIDON is a kaisendon restaurant that offers reasonably priced bowls filled with rice, raw fish and other delights.  Mainly for customers with little time to relax and eat, the menu is simple, the prices fixed, and seating limited.

However, this restaurant has two unique points that I want to share. POSEIDON as written above is not what the sign says on the shop front.  It is written ポセイ丼 using the katakana characters for the “POSEI” and the kanji for “bowl” as the “DON” part.  Okay, I personally found it amusing and passed by it a few times before actually setting foot in the door.  That leads to my second point – the quality of food at this little shop is some of the best I’ve had in a while and at a price that I won’t argue with.  A salmon (sake) and scallop (hotate) sashimi bowl was around 600 yen, and it was a fair portion.  I’ve been to Tsukiji Market a few times and the bowls they offer are not only a bit pricey (despite the fact they source right from the docks 50 meters away) but leave you with a grumbly tumbly nonetheless.

POSEIDON therefore gets the following eval, which I am just making up right now:

  • Location: Crappy, if you live on the Mita-line, probably great, but a bit of a walk from Shimbash Station (you need to walk towards Shiba Park).
  • Interior/Cleanliness: Nice earth tones with wood and stone, comfortable seats/Spotless
  • Menu: Limited, but they don’t need to go beyond what they already have.  They don’t have sushi, but they have a teishoku (set lunch) with some slices of fish along with a main course, but the bowls (don) are the best
  • Price: bang is greater-than-or-equal-to buck
  • Naming: very appropriate to the Greek name for the God of the Sea, glad he’s found a vacation spot in Tokyo.
  • Would I go back?: Yes, you bet.

Below is a photo of the menu outside and sorry, it doesn’t have what I ordered (cut off on the right).

kaisendon shop